Domestic Filtration


Carbon Filtration reduces or removes

Unpleasant tastes & Odours  – Chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMS  –  Organic contamination  – Pesticides, fertilisers & fungicides  –  Dirt & Sediment

Underbench Water Filter

Complete do-it-yourself kit. Includes self taping valve, lever style faucet and all necessary connections and fittings. Require   plumbing into a cold water pipe. Easily installed by the home handyman, or installation by Cleanflo at clients request.  Fully installed cost $300.00 incl gst




Bench Top Water Filter

No installation required. Fully portable. Convert able to under-bench filter at later date. $188.00 incl gst





While some clients choose to do their own servicing, many take advantage of Cleanflo’s service option. This involves sanitizing the housing and all water lines, checking operating components, lubrication seals and replacing filter cartridges



Megahome Distiller

Using a distiller is an easy way to provide you with pure, fresh tasting water. All you need to do is plug the distiller into the wall and fill up the boiling chamber with water, then the distilling process will produce 4 litres of bacteria and virus free water every 6 hours




Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis units provide finer filtration than the average filtration units do, meaning that they filter out more contaminants. These will sit under your bench along with a reservoir tank which will collect rejected (contaminated) water. A reverse osmosis system will remove bacteria, protozoa and viruses while also significantly reducing organics, salts, metals, nitrates, pesticides and many more contaminants.





Whole House Water Solutions

  • Filter your whole household’s water.
  • Carbon filters remove chlorine, taste, odours, pesticides, volatile and organic carbons and chloramines.
  • Great for people with sensitive skin.
  • Not only is your drinking water filtered but also when you bath, brush your teeth and do your laundry.

The KDF/GAC is a ‘two media’ cartridge consisting of KDF (high purity copper-zinc alloy) and GAC (granular activated carbon), providing superior filtration filtration qualities. Through the electrolytic and oxidation reactions pf the KDF and the adsorption and entrapment capabilities of the GAC, the KDF/GAC can remove or greatly reduce a wide range of contaminants. the KDF media also provides a bacteriostatic effect  which is hostile to algae, fungi and bacteria. This unit is fortown supplies only. Installation is required by registered plumber which we can arrange for you.


Ultra-Violet Water Treatment

Ultra violet (UV) water disinfection systems are an effective and economic means of of eliminating harmful bacteria from water supplies. UV is commonly used for water disinfection on a wide range of water sources including Domestic Tank Water and by many local councils,schools,the dairy,food and brewing industries to ensure their water is safe to drink.